Croatia Omiš Stomorica "Mirto on the Rocks"(20.06.2018)

It was my first trip to croatia at all. I have an injured foot, and was operated on my shoulder this year, so I didnīt expect to climb at all. But I wanted to be prepared. So I took my climbing gear and my hammer drill with me, and I was not disappointed.


Stay on track, until you reach the concret cube, you see in the topo.
Then climb the step, till you reach the first pitch.


There is a cold start, at the first few meters, but after that itīs a nice and easy climb. Pitch 3 is our favorite. Itīs 30m of perfect holds and ledges. Pitch 4 is a little covered in greens, and after that you find a very nice fifth pitch with a small overhang.
The stances are equipped with two 10mm bolts, and in between, you will find 10mm bolts at the crucial places. A small set of cams might be usefull.


We have rappelled down the route, but it should also be possible to walk down.


• half-rope, or at least 60m single rope for rappeling
• 6 quickdraws
• few Cams might be usefull, we used C3: 1; 2; C4: 0,4; 0,5; 0,75; 1

First Ascent

On 20.06.2018 by Fabi W. and Stephan E.

Topo Stomorica "Mirto on the rocks"

Have fun, and stay safe.